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Are you searching for an expert steel welder in Dearborn, Detroit, or Wayne Co. MI? 

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Larry, (AKA with over 10 years proudly serving Southeast Michigan, is the man to call!

He can make short work out of the most challenging welding projects, leaving you to admire the results.

Big or small he can weld it all.

Have welder…will travel!

Larry can go anywhere in a 15 mi. radius of Dearborn, MI, and waste no time in tackling all your welding needs.

Do you have an ongoing project, or a particular one in mind? 

Send him your blueprint, drawing or images and he can provide you with expert advice on the best way to proceed. Estimates by phone are free and they provide you with valuable info and the peace of mind knowing your project will stay in budget. 

Expert welding is an art.

In over 10 years, Larry has perfected that art.

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Why use

Mr. Weldman Fabrication & Repair provides a comprehensive range of on-site fabrication and repair services.

This mobile operation is outfitted with high-grade, portable welding and cutting equipment to meet all your steel fabrication and repair needs, directly at your site, reducing downtime and transportation costs.

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What offers you

If you need steel equipment or repair work, you came to the right place

On-Site Fabrication:

Mr. Weldman's skilled welders can design, fabricate, and assemble steel structures at your site. This service is perfect for customers requiring customized fabrication for unique projects, or those seeking immediate fabrication and installation to expediate project timelines.

Steel Demolition:

They offer efficient and safe dismantling and removal of unwanted steel structures, including buildings, bridges, and other structures. Their team is trained to handle such tasks with minimal disruption to surrounding operations.

Mobile Welding:

Mobile Welding: Mr. Weldman's mobile welding unit comes equipped with advanced welding equipment to perform a variety of welding techniques depending on your needs, including MIG, and Stick welding. This service allows them to conduct repairs and modifications directly on-site, eliminating the need for transportation to a separate facility.

Steel Reinforcement:

They also provide steel reinforcement services, reinforcing structures with additional steel to increase their strength and durability. This service is often used in construction projects, particularly in the strengthening of concrete structures.

Steel Installation:

Mr. Weldman offers expert steel installation services, ensuring that your fabricated steel components are properly installed and secured. They can handle projects of all sizes, from small installations to larger, more complex steel constructions.

Heavy Equipment Repair:

They are equipped to perform on-site repairs of heavy machinery and equipment, minimizing your equipment's downtime. This can include anything from fixing minor damages to major overhauls.

Structural Framing:

Their team can build and repair structural frames for both residential and commercial buildings. They ensure that all their structural frames meet strict safety standards and are built to last.

Column Replacement:

Mr. Weldman also specializes in the removal and replacement of worn or damaged columns. They will assess the structural integrity of existing columns, safely remove them, and install new ones in their place.

Heavy Equipment Repair:

They are equipped to perform on-site repairs of heavy machinery and equipment, minimizing your equipment's downtime. This can include anything from fixing minor damages to major overhauls.

Team and Equipment


Mr. Weldman Fabrication & Repair employs a team of highly skilled, certified welders and technicians who are experienced in a wide range of welding techniques and steelwork applications. The team receives ongoing training to stay up-to-date with the latest safety regulations and industry advancements.

The mobile service units are fully equipped with advanced welding and cutting equipment, including plasma cutters, gas cutting tools, grinders, MIG and welders, and all necessary personal protective equipment. In addition, they carry a variety of steel materials and components to ensure they can address a wide range of fabrication and repair needs on-site.

Safety and Quality Assurance


Mr. Weldman is committed to maintaining a safe working environment. They follow all OSHA guidelines and standards for welding and steelwork. All jobs are performed with the utmost attention to safety, quality, and detail, and each completed project undergoes a rigorous quality control process to ensure the highest standards of workmanship.

Whether you’re in need of quick, on-site repair, or you’re looking to construct a complex steel structure, Mr. Weldman Fabrication & Repair offers comprehensive services to meet your steel fabrication and repair needs.

"Let me put my experience on a myriad of projects to get your welding done efficiently and affordably!"

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